Jakob Kruse

Masseur and sports masseur

Best sport masseur in copenhagen

John Doe


  • Sports massage.

  • Wellness massage.

  • Triggerpoint massage.

  • Neck and shoulders.

  • Low back pain.


  • Educated masseur.

  • Physiotherapy-student.

  • Former T-Fys.

About Jakob

Jakob is a skilled and experienced masseur. He is a educated sports masseur and a physiotherapy student. He specializes in treating back, neck and shoulders as well as sports injuries. The in-depth sports massage is particularly effective in improving recovery and can also be analgesic.

In addition, Jakob is also great at de-stressing and pleasant wellness massages. Together you will find out which form of massage suits you best.

Jakob is a sweet and accommodating masseur who is passionate about helping people with the injuries and issues they might suffer from.

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